The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, Vol. 10, Nos. 1/2 (Winter-Summer 2014)





The new Transnational Elite and Zionist massacres*


Takis Fotopoulos





The Transnational Elite (TE) ― mainly, the elites based in the G7 countries (i.e. the USA, EU, etc.) and their organs in the fascist Junta installed in Kiev ― on the one hand, and the Zionists on the other, are fully engaged at the moment in carrying out new massacres in Ukraine and Palestine respectively. These massacres  share several important common elements.


Firstly, despite the shameless lies of the butchers, both of these massacres basically aim at citizens and not combatants, that is at the people of East Ukraine and Palestine respectively. Thus, the people of Eastern Ukraine is punished for daring not to recognize the self-declared fascists imposed on them by the TE, through a "coup from below".[1] That is, a coup which was “legalized” by the votes of pro-West Ukrainians in Western Ukraine (known for their support of the Nazis in World War Two), who then proceeded to elect a kleptocrat multimillionaire as President.  On the other hand, the citizens of Eastern Ukraine (which constitutes the industrial base of the country, where most of Ukraine’s proletariat lives), stay loyal to the ideals and values of the Soviet Revolution. They abstained from the electoral farce, starting, instead, a guerrilla war with minimal military help from Russia that has so far remained basically passive in the face of their massacre. The inevitable consequence is many hundreds of victims, many of whom are civilians, women and children. 


Similarly, the Zionist butchers of Palestinians have killed, within a few days, hundreds of people, 80 percent of whom are civilians according to UN data.[2] Nevertheless, the Zionists continue the relentless slaughter to prop up their racist state  (which, from its genesis, was founded on the ethnic cleansing of another people)[3] with the stated aim of tackling the “mortal” danger posed by the Palestinian rockets (mostly self-made and highly inaccurate kind of elementary rockets), that so far have only cost a single Israeli life, “paid” by about 200 Palestinian lives!


Secondly, although both massacres, at least indirectly, aim at the ethnic cleansing of the two peoples (people of Russian origin in Ukraine and the Palestinians), the immediate goal is different. It is, on the one hand, the integration of Ukraine into the NWO of neoliberal globalization and the effective undermining of the Eurasian Plan as the basis for an alternative world order based on national sovereignty, and, on the other, the consolidation of Israeli apartheid respectively.[4] The systematic attempt at ethnic cleansing arises not only from the fact that the slaughter, in both cases, is basically directed against civilians, rather than the guerrillas, but also from the fact that these peoples are collectively labelled “terrorists” or “sub-human,” as Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk declared the pro-federalists in the East.[5] And all this, simply because they are fighting for the right to self-determination recognized even by the UN Charter as a fundamental right. No wonder that, according to a senior member of the Ukrainian Junta,[6] the rounded up citizens in the re-occupied zones, will be “filtered” in concentration camps for their beliefs and consequently receive appropriate treatment. Yet, historically, the precondition for the success of an ethnic cleansing campaign has always been the previous terrorization of the people, which forces them to abandon their ancestral homes ― as has happened with the Palestinians since 1948, and as happens now in Ukraine, with hundreds of thousands of refugees moving from Eastern Ukraine to Russia.


Thirdly, in both cases there is a huge asymmetry of military power between the opposing forces. In Ukraine, a few hundred lightly armed rebels (except ...3 tanks and some portable heavier weapons) are battling against an entire army of at least 15 thousand specially trained forces, supported by modern warplanes, helicopters and heavy artillery that turned to dust entire Slaviansk areas. And all this is apart from the imposition of a complete blockade and the cutting off of water, electricity and telephone communications. On the other hand, Gaza is itself a huge concentration camp blocked by land, sea and air, with the Zionists using the most modern means of extermination against the elementary military equipment of the Palestinians. This explains why, after any conflict, there are typically 100-fold victims among the Palestinians versus Israelis ― not, of course, because of the latters’ better organization, or bravery, as it was revealed by a recent video[7] of an arrested teenage boy immobilised on the ground and beaten to unconsciousness by Israeli police.


Fourthly, the massacre in Ukraine, as well as that in Palestine, are presented by the international bodies and organizations controlled by the TE and the Zionists (UN, EU, international NGOs such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc.) but also by the international media controlled by press oligarchs and Transnational Corporations (CNN, BBC, major international newspapers in the USA, EU, etc.) as the battles between two comparable camps, if not as cases where the victim is the butcher, i.e. Israel, or the Junta of Kiev, despite both enjoying the overwhelming support (economic, political, military) of the TE. All these international bodies and organizations see crimes carried out mainly (if not exclusively) by those resisting the NWO and never by the TE and the Zionists! No wonder that even the international liberal Left flagship, The Guardian,[8] very recently hosted an article about the rise of anti-Semitism across the world, for which it blames not just the far right, but also the Left (the undersigned has, of course, long been classified by Zionists and pro-Zionists, and their anonymous organs in the internet, as an anti-Semite, in honorary company of many important people of Letters and Arts). Needless to mention that many “leftists” are full of praise for the work of NGOs like Amnesty International, despite the fact that even some of their ex executives[9] have publicly denounced it for shameless bias in favour of the TE and Zionists!


A final similarity is that the degenerate “Left” has played an equally miserable role in both cases, maintaining an attitude of pseudo-impartiality between victimizers and victims. No wonder it has not organized even a single mass demonstration in support of the struggle of Ukrainian workers, or against the Zionists, usually considering the clash between TE and Russia as a kind of intra-imperialist conflict[10] and the systematic ethnic cleansing of Zionists as just a kind of “imperialist” war, or, lately, as blood-for-gas energy war![11]


* This article is an edited version of an article that was first published in TF’s weekly column in Sunday’s Eleftherotypia (a Greek daily published in Athens) on 11/07/2014. This article has also been published simultaneously by The translation to English was edited by Jonathan Rutherford.




RT, confirming our suspicion that they deliberately hid TF’s article on Iraq, proceeded to the unheard act of not publishing the present article on the twin massacres, even though they initially accepted it, because TF refused to censor himself and effectively eliminate the crucial words “Zionism” and “transnational elite” from his text.

Following RT’s behavior with respect to these two articles, sadly we no longer doubt that RT aspires to play the pseudo “objective” liberal role of the western mass media, something that we consider doubly idiotic. Not only because the average western citizen, perfectly brain-washed by the western media, will never take RT as seriously as what s/he considers to be “serious” media (NYT, Guardian, but also because RT is now losing the trust of all those people in the West who wanted to see a truly radical medium fighting for real national sovereignty (which the Eurasian Union Plan was supposed to be about) and revealing the dirty role of the Transnational Elite with respect to the non-privileged peoples of the world, i.e. the vast majority. Shameful!



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