The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, Vol. 10, Nos. 1/2 (Winter-Summer 2014)




NATO and planned “chaos” in the NWO*






Nowadays, many people who do not even have the time to spare to understand what is really going on around them ― particularly those absorbed into the struggle for survival who  mainly let the TV “experts” think for them ― usually form the impression that we live in a chaotic world. I refer, of course, to the victims of neoliberal globalization ― the great majority of the world population ― and not those who benefit from it, including many in the intelligentsia who can not even see that there is a New World Order (NWO) based on neoliberal globalization and managed by a Transnational Elite (TE)-basically the elites of the “G7” countries. However, it is only within such an analytical  framework that one can really understand why our world is anything but chaotic, in the common sense of the unpredictable disorder.


The beheadings in Iraq repeated continuously on TV screens (with the obvious intention of the media controlled by the TE to whip up islamophobia and distract attention from the far bigger massacre in Gaza, as a counterbalance to the rise of anti-Zionism around the world) are directly connected with the NATO-led invasion and the consequent destruction of Iraq.[1] Similarly, the latter is directly linked to the previous brutal NATO bombings in Yugoslavia that were designed to dismember that country, as well as to the similar NATO bombings in Libya that followed, which destroyed the country’s infrastructure and converted it into a “failed state.” Then, came the organized armed “insurrection” in Syria and nobody will be surprised  if similar to the Libyan NATO bombings are about to start there, on the pretext of fighting Islamist terrorists (the same ones who up to a few months ago were supported by the TE with the aim to overthrow Assad!). Finally, we saw this year that the model of armed “insurrections” was transplanted to the European soil itself, in Ukraine, which threatens to draw even the entire continent into an all-out war.[2]


At the same time, we witness the continued inhumane Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, or the “incremental genocide,” as it has been called by the Jewish historian Ilan Pappe,[3] who is one of the most important historians who substantiated it, and at the forefront of the few truly anti-Zionist Jews. This is in contrast to the international Zionist elite,[4] who are now busy in passing fascist inspired “anti-racist” laws into EU parliaments. Thus, a legally mandatory way of perceiving even historical events such as the “Holocaust” is introduced, which now must be recognized (with the threat of imprisonment!) as a historically unique genocide. This despite the fact  that, for example, the genocide of the Armenians (or the Armenian “Holocaust” as it is sometimes called ) was probably much more extensive not to mention the genocide of Indians in the Americas, Australia etc., which essentially wiped out whole nations! This is of course an old debate that began in these countries which introduced first similar legislation, given their involvement or sympathies to Nazi Germany (i.e. Germany itself, Austria, Switzerland, France etc.) but has now resurfaced given the present EU systematic effort to force European parliaments to pass similar legislation (the latest example being Greece). France, in particular, became infamous when it used such a law to prosecute even the well known communist and resistance fighter Roger Garaudy as “Holocaust denier,” establishing the fascist principle that historical events are not subject of historical research and collective memory but a matter to be dealt with by the state and whoever controls it![5]


The link between all these wars and massacres, but also the corresponding economic warfare now strangling the Greek people, the Portuguese, the Spaniards (and currently even the French people who still resist globalization), is the systematic effort by the TE running the NWO of neoliberal  globalization to integrate all peoples not yet fully integrated into it. However, despite the nonsense of the degenerate “Left,” which talks about “bad” neoliberal policies etc. imposed by some “traitors” of social democracy,  or the equivalent nonsense of the Palaeolithic Marxist Left which attempts to “explain” these wars with the doctrine of “intra-imperialist conflicts” the consequence Is simply the turn of the popular strata to the patriotic or nationalist right, if not the far right itself, as we have seen in the last European elections. The ideological bankruptcy of the “Left” became evident when it was unable to explain the unprecedented unity of the TE in supporting all these wars, despite the “intra-imperialist conflicts.” Unless, of course, the only imperialisms around are on the one hand the TE imperialism and on the other the Russian “imperialism,” despite the fact that the Russian Federation has not begun any imperialist war in its history nor of course controls the world economy through Transnational Corporations (TNCs), or the world polity through hundreds of military bases around the world, or finally the world media, through press corporations and press magnates.


All this, at the very moment when the TE-controlled media are busy in promoting the myth of Russia bent to conquer the world whereas any theory about the NWΟ of neoliberal globalization and the TE running it is dismissed (with the decisive help o the same “Left”) as a conspiracy theory. Unsurprisingly, this “Left” accuses Hollande for an about turn with respect to his socialist promises forgetting that his predecessor Mitterand was also forced to do exactly the same about turn, let alone Oscar Lafontaine in Germany who was forced to resign when he attempted to introduce economic policies not compatible with neoliberal globalization.


This is of course because it is now inconceivable for any country fully integrated into the NWO to implement any different policies from the universal neoliberal policies. This is not some sort of a conspiracy,[6] or just a bad ideology implemented by some baddies (bankers, politicians etc.). This is just the inevitable consequence of opening and liberalizing the markets for capital, commodities and labour and joining the international institutions controlled by the TE (WTO, IMF, WB etc.) whose job is to impose these policies when e.g. a member country asks for a loan or to benefit from an investment program. Needless to add that the dismantling of economic self-reliance by globalization and the creation of export economies everywhere turns most countries integrated into the NWO and particularly the weaker ones into beggars of the TNCs’ investment, so that they could avoid stagnation and borrowing. Therefore, every country  knows very well to whose tune it should dance.


Furthermore, not only are the BRICS (except Russia) completely integrated into the NWO, without sharing any significant transnational sovereignty (economic, political,  military, cultural and media power at the transnational level), but even worse, their national sovereignty is clearly inferior to that of Russia. China, for example, is highly integrated into the global economy, a fact that has led to a dramatic increase in inequality in this “socialist” country, since it was fully integrated into the NOW,[7] whereas its status as an economic superpower is clearly based on its huge population (the purchasing power of its GDP per head of the population is 99th in the world) and the significant industrial and trade power created by the massive move of TNCs from the TE countries, in the past thirty years or so, in the pursuit of production cost minimisation and profit maximisation.


The above conclusions about Russia were confirmed also last week at the NATO Summit, in a Cardiff under occupation by the security services, where, discussions were held on how to directly subdue the people in Eastern Ukraine (who are resisting the junta imposed on them via a “coup from below” organised by the Transnational Elite) but also to indirectly subdue the Russian people, the vast majority of whom support the resistance struggle.


So, the critical decision that will determine the fate not only of Russia and the Eurasian Union, but of all of us, will be taken within Russia itself. One option is for the pro-globalization part of the Russian elite to prevail; the alternative is for the patriotic anti-globalization part of it to predominate. Which option will be chosen will determine whether Russia will capitulate to the global governance of the TE, or whether, instead, it will act as a leader of an alternative world order of sovereign states based on the Eurasian Union, as originally conceived, which will aim to achieve national and economic self-reliance in each country ― a prerequisite for any systemic change in the future....



* This article is a synthesis of two articles that were first published in TF’s weekly column in Sunday’s Eleftherotypia (a Greek daily published in Athens) on 31/08/2014 and 07//09/2014. The translation into English was edited by Jonathan Rutherford. This article has also been published simultaneously by on 10/09/2014

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