The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, Vol. 10, Nos. 1/2 (Winter-Summer 2014)




Obama and the ideology of globalization*





Obama’s recent speech, at the West Point Military Academy, fully confirms the ideology of globalization, as I have repeatedly described it in this column.


As the war criminal (Libya, killer drones, Guantanamo, etc.) and Nobel Peace Prize winner stressed in his speech, America is not fighting just for stability and absence of conflict, regardless of cost but is also striving for a more lasting peace, which can only be the result of providing opportunities and freedom everywhere in the world.


In other words, a more lasting peace can only be realized through the global expansion of neoliberal globalization, where free markets of capital, goods and labor, are the magic wand that distributes opportunities and freedom. And so as to leave no doubt at all, he went on to explain more clearly what he meant: America’s support of democracy and human rights goes beyond idealism and in fact relates to national security. As he pointed out, the USA’s closest friends are democratic countries that are much less likely to go to war in relation to non-democratic regimes. And he went on to emphasize that free and open economies are more efficient, which become in the end markets for US products, drawing in the process the conclusion that respect for human rights is the antidote to instability and injustice that fuel violence and terrorism.


So, at the outset, Obama made crystal clear that the cash register (“the markets for our products”) is the ultimate goal of “freedom” and “opportunities” offered by the expansion of the New World Order (NWO) of neoliberal globalization. That is, the unipolar world run by the Transnational Elite (TE) consisting essentially of the G7 countries, within which US is a hegemonic force — but not the “Emperor”.


Then, he had no qualms about stating with incredible impudence that “democratic” countries are much less likely to start wars than non-democratic ones. This, despite the fact that the “democratic” TE under US hegemony have launched, since the emergence of the NWO about 3-4 decades ago, a series of wars: Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, apart from the “wars by proxy” in Syria and Ukraine, which are still going on to this day, with many millions of victims in terms of dead, wounded and displaced people.


At the same time, we have not seen any of the regimes which the TE describes as “undemocratic” (Russia, China, Korea DPR, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.) launch similar wars, thousands of miles away from them, as does the TE, or even in their own backyard! By contrast, the TE does not hesitate to encircle Russia with protectorates, the latest example being Ukraine, which is already in the process of becoming a new protectorate soon to be integrated into the EU and later, perhaps, into NATO. No wonder that Obama in his state visit to Poland stressed that the Ukrainian people are trying to reach the same freedom and opportunities that we celebrate here today, which is worth it. And, in a crescendo of impertinence, he went so far as to proclaim that the days of empires and spheres of influence are over and that the larger nations should not be allowed to oppress the smaller ones, or to impose their own will with weapons or with masked men who occupy buildings.


Apparently, the USA and other members of the TE are exempt from these rules having, just a few months ago, made a successful coup “from below” in Ukraine to incorporate it into the NWO, using armed masked men who occupied public buildings. These same men have, since then, massacred anyone who resists the NWO, yesterday in Odessa and Mariupol and currently in East Ukraine. Neither, of course, does the TE have any objection to working with armed fascist storm troopers, to turn Ukraine into a protectorate, while, at the same time, in other countries, like Greece, which are already its protectorates, it imprisons those whom it identifies as fascists instead of loyal fans, even if they only possess shotguns!


Needless to add that by “democratic countries” Obama simply means the parliamentary juntas, which have been established everywhere by the TE in the NWO of neoliberal globalization. This is a parody of representative “democracy” (which itself is a parody of democracy!), where local elites of professional politicians have the “franchise” of the TE, i.e. the authorization to sell “freedom and opportunity” in some region — similar to the authorization that local business subsidiaries of multinationals have for the sale of goods and services. This license is complemented by the decisive help of the mass media of the “international community” (i.e. the world media controlled by the same TE), and the local mass media, which can promote any systemic intellectual or actor etc into a media persona and then into a parliamentarian, a Minister and so on.


However, there was one thing that Obama was right about, when he asked rhetorically, how one could allow the dark tactics of the 2Oth century to be repeated today. Indeed, after Iraq and Afghanistan, where the TE achieved its objectives of toppling a regime based on a national liberation movement (Ba’ath) and a fundamentalist one (Taliban) respectively, for resisting the NOW — although at a considerable “cost” in terms of casualties it suffered — a new tactic dawned on the TE to integrate countries into the NWO.


Thus, the “Obama era” includes a combination of some sort of “democratisation” (in the above sense of the parliamentary Junta, e.g. Tunisia, Egypt) and engineered insurrections that eventually take the form of armed rebellions (Libya, Syria, Ukraine). This new approach has received crucial assistance from the degenerate “Left,” which has supported all these uprisings with the result that there has never been a single large demonstration against the TE and the massacres it has organized in all these countries with the aim to integrate them into the NWO! This has already led to dramatic changes. In fact, if the Russian elite finally capitulates to the TE, its global autocracy will be absolute. Only the peoples’ mass resistance could then abolish it ...



* This article has first been published (in Greek) on 15/06/2014 in Sunday’s Eleftherotypia, a Greek daily published in Athens. The translation was edited by Jonathan Rutherford



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