The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, Vol. 10, Nos. 1/2 (Winter-Summer 2014)




Syria Next and the Islamist bogeyman*




Abstract : This article examines the role that the new bogeyman (the Islamic State-ex ISIS) plays in the propaganda of the Transnational Elite in order to achieve its objective of fully integrating the Middle East into the New World Order of neoliberal globalization.


The Transnational Elite (TE) mainly the elites based in the “G7” countries just discovered the new “cause of evil” which threatens us all: the Islamic state (IS), formerly ISIS. Thus, the world’s most powerful elite (financially, politically and militarily) combines its incomparable forces to confront not another superpower, but a few thousand jihadists, who do not even have at their disposal a regular army and naval or air force even though the air force is today decisive in determining the outcome of wars, as demonstrated by the Libyan example. However, although national liberation ideals may also inspire the jihadists, as they did Al Qaida, in fact IS represents a vulgarized version of it. Thus, while in the latter the national liberation element prevailed over the religious element, in IS exactly the opposite is true. That is why even Al Qaida had to disavow ISIS.[1]

Nevertheless, it was precisely the mixed nature of ISIS that enabled it to temporarily reach significant political power in Iraq, as I wrote in a previous article,[2] attracting many of those Iraqis (Ba’athists, or just Sunnis) who were excluded from power by the American Occupation Authority and the protectorate it installed with the help of Shiites, who constitute the majority of the population. However, it was hardly surprising that the American occupiers who created the conditions for the Shiites to monopolise power in the non-Kurdish part of Iraq would withdraw their blessing from Maliki, when his Shiite government began collaborating, directly or indirectly, with the two regimes in the region that have been targeted by the TE. That is, the Iranian and the Syrian regimes, which are based on national liberation movements and have been targeted for this reason by the TE, for “regime change,” so that the integration of the entire Middle East into the New World Order (NWO) could be completed.[3] Thus, the Shiite government was given the “choice” either to share power with the Sunnis or to face alone the jihadists who were rushing towards Bagdad. This way, the TE occupiers could achieve a double objective:

  • first, to the extent that the sharing of power between Sunnis and Shiites proves successful, the long-term TE goal for the dismemberment of Iraq could be achieved, on the successful model of Yugoslavia, with a pro-Western Kurdish part in the north and the TE-controlled alliance of the Shiites with the Sunnis in the rest of Iraq.

  • second, the bombing campaign against IS, “wherever it exists” as Obama[4] put it, opens the way for bombing Syria as well, which the TE members explicitly included in the targets to be hit, having made clear in advance that this will be done without asking first for Syria’s consent, or a UNSC resolution, in blatant violation of international law. All this, because the TE have unilaterally decided that Assad is part of the problem, not the solution!

However, the obvious question is raised why the heretofore allies of the TE in slaughtering the peoples of Libya and Syria are now prescribed to have the same fate as their previous victims. Setting aside the TE propaganda rhetoric about saving the world from terrorism, which is as true a reason for the present campaign as for its previous campaigns which destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, the main reason why the TE turned against its erstwhile allies has to do with the fact that in the last few months they showed clear signs of their determination to become independent from the TE. This was clearly shown first by their summer campaign to put the TE-backed anti-Assad forces (like the Free Syrian Army) to rout, which has inevitably increased Assad’s power.[5] Yet, the informal TE-ISIS alliance was based on the understanding that they will fight Assad, not the Western backed “rebels,” who were groomed by the TE to take over once Assad was out of the way! A further sign of autonomy by ISIS, which actually sealed its fate, was their recent attacks against the traditionally pro-western Kurds of Barzani in Northern Iraq, where also some of Iraq’s most important oil wells happen to be located. So, the mass propaganda by the TE-controlled world media was set in full motion against the “pure evil terrorists” who was shown every night on western TV screens busy beheading western journalists and others.

Therefore, as it turns out now, the target of this mass propaganda was not just to increase the wave of Islamophobia, as a counterbalance to the massive wave of anti-Zionism created by the far bigger massacre in Gaza, but also to prepare the ground for the new campaign. It was actually for exactly this reason that the TE used the jihadists both in Libya and Syria. The wild terror unleashed by ruthless jihadists against the national liberation movements supporting the regimes of both Gaddafi and Assad played a decisive role in the overthrow of Gaddafi and in dismantling much of Assad’s regime. Terrorism, along with brutal NATO bombings, achieved the destruction of these countries and their conversion into “failed states,” even though regime change, without NATO bombardment, has not yet been achieved in Syria. In fact, this conversion is only the preliminary stage in the process of a country’s full integration into the NWO, even if further TE action may be needed in the future to complete the integration process, as already requested by members of the TE like France. However, this process is completely misunderstood by the Palaeolithic Marxist Left, which attempts to understand what is going on today using the redundant tools of imperialism and empires and with no clue whatsoever of the immense significance of the emergence of a new systemic phenomenon, the rise of transnational corporations, which effectively run the NWO of neoliberal globalization.[6]

Needless to add that as long as the jihadists butchered Arabs, the philanthropists in the West were not bothered at all by this. It was only when Westerners began to be slaughtered on prime time TV that a wave of indignation burst within the ‘world community’ and a consensus was formed, (according to opinion polls anyway) which, incidentally, gave the signal to the TE leaders to start the bombing of Syria. A bombing which was only postponed last year, following Russian’s intervention, which forced Assad to accept the destruction of his chemical weapons, saving also the TE from having to do it itself later on!

The moral of the story is that in the NWO terrorism is prohibited, unless directed against the enemies of the TE and its partners (e.g. Syria). Similarly, fascism is not prohibited, as long as it is used to support the friends of the TE (e.g. the junta of Kiev and its members in the “Right Sector” etc.)

P.S. In an international blog specialising in anti-Semitism, one Dimitris Kravvaris undertook to distort (with slanderous allegations which he had later to remove) the article entitled “NATO and planned 'chaos' in the NOW” (, 10/9/2014) to prove my…anti-Semitism. Of course, I do not expect loyalty certificates, particularly from the “Holocaust industry” (Norman Finkelstein).


* A first version of this article was first published in TF’s weekly column in Sunday’s Eleftherotypia (a Greek daily published in Athens) on 14//9/2014. This article has also been published simultaneously by on 15/09/2014. The translation into English was edited by Jonathan Rutherford.

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