The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, Vol. 9, Nos. 1/2 (2013)

NSA and PRISM: myths of parliamentary democracy and culmination of a parliamentary coup





Abstract This article illustrates how the US corporate security state carried out a bloodless and seamless coup unbeknownst to the public but operating hand-in-hand with the “elected” government, which reveals some of the mechanisms that have turned the last shreds of parliamentary “democracy” into a parliamentary Junta. The “parliamentary coup” leaders transformed after a few decades the re-structuring of the Intelligence Community into a single entity with the specific task of unifying counterintelligence gathering, analysis, operational planning and action with the sole aim to control information and monitor the public. This terrorist organization installed in the executive office of the president operates in secret. It matters not who is president. The same policies, strategies and tools to steal all communications are in place. The coup leaders and their brutes managed soon after 9/11 the usurpation of all domestic and foreign policy decisions. There is no decision taken by this latent Junta which is not influenced by this restructuring of government. The parliamentary Junta carries out respectively pseudo-democratic processes facilitating the coup mission to ignore even the classical “democratic” constitution and seize more power from the public sphere. This security state super class provided the conceptual framework to create a corporate surveillance conglomerate funded by trillions of taxpayer dollars.




Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper and his henchmen in the Intelligence Community (IC) claim they need their secret spying program to keep Americans safe; however, safety is not their preoccupation! Laws created by the parliamentary Junta which differs from a military Junta only in the sense of more insidious means used to impose totalitarian power on the peoples ― expanding spying and implementing policies are demanded by US interests in the global market economy.


The NSA’s not anymore so secret, but yet continuing data collection program, PRISM, (a stream of information diffused into many of the same) has been targeting, collecting, analyzing and storing all electronic signals communication and movements of the public and world citizens without their knowledge set off by 9/11. The staggering scope of NSA’s spying schemes leaked from the NSA cache of top secrets by Edward Snowden, former Booze Allen Hamilton contractor, former CIA technician consigned by Dell and former NSA employee Edward Snowden, who leaked files of NSA’s illegal activities to The Guardian and The Washington Post. Snowden maintains he became disillusioned with the security state he had (nonetheless!) wholeheartedly embraced, when he discovered the NSA’s unconstitutional targeting of everyones’ phone, internet, etc. communications and movements as if everyone were suspected (now or later) of terrorist or seditious activity all in their name. After fleeing the US to Hong Kong, Snowden met with Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald and handed them the files he liberated from the NSA.


According to William Binney, a senior NSA crypto-mathematician for forty years, who ―also ex post facto― left the organization in disgust, described the US as being very close to a “turnkey totalitarian”[1] state, when it began (to control,) collect, collate and save every bit of personal communication, data and metadata, and everyones’ physical movements thereby criminalizing everyone in the NSA’s efforts to control and exploit information. So, for the next terrorist attack against “American interests” (that is the interests of the American section of the Transnational Elite) there will be no failure to connect the dots in light of the so-called “blunders” and fueds fueling the events leading to 9/11(no one of any note was fired or held accountable). 9/11 was the result in a massive breakdown of communication, not just because the NSA was not doing its job—nor because it did not have the capability. As it has been proven, not by conspiracy theorists, but by members of the establishment (Gore Vidal et al.) the 9/11 “terrorist attacks” were being expected but deliberately not prevented, so that the “War on Terror” that would change the entire world map in favor of the Transnational Elite (T/E), could be launched. As a result, repressive laws are now in place that deface the constitution. Tyrants view the world in black and white. The corpora-terrorist NSA has been officially outted, thanks to Snowden, as to its secret plans for controlling human behavior.


The theft of public power by the IC and its fast growing corporate-military agenda, which was seriously begun with Nixon initiating and building the technological means and know-how to collect massive amounts of private information, is a continuous process to further expand and consolidate power, both directly into the hands of the US political and economic elite and indirectly into the hands of the T/E; that is the elite which rose with the emergence of the New World Order of neoliberal globalization and representative “democracies” some forty years ago, i.e. of the new internationalized form of the market System. As we will see, spying has not and will not cease, and the parliamentary coup which has been secretly funded is a good political indication of this.[2]


A bad guys conspiracy or a parliamentary coup compatible with the agenda of the US and T/E?


NSA has a working relationship with its corporate partners at home and abroad who aid the secret gathering and tracking of everyone’s digital footprints and physical whereabouts irrespective of any wrongdoing at all. Everyone is presumed a terror suspect by the NSA. Everyone is criminalized in the secret FISA court (only one of the eleven judges has to be present to hear the request for additional spying).[3] The NSA’s coup partners (Facebook [ NSA has mimicked it], Microsoft, Google, SKYPE, Apple, Verizon, AT&T, Twitter, Yahoo among many others) in the transnational telecommunications industry portrayed timidity at first denied the private/public relationship, since it is illegal to speak or write or even acknowledge FISA demands. In other words these coup partners are voluntarily gagged and censored because they are reaping commercial benefits. The parliamentary Junta, which is the new authoritarian form of representative democracies imposed increasingly worldwide today by the T/E in conjunction with local elites, as part and parcel of the quick expansion of the New World Order of neoliberal globalization and representative “democracy” in the past 5 years or so, cut a two part deal with the communications industries for their “patriotic duty” being sworn to secrecy about their spying operations. The first part of the coup deal provides corporations with the shield that they cannot be held liable for conspiracy, when secretly collecting billions of daily communications records for the NSA. In addition to immunity for their secret deeds the second part of the deal pays the transnational corporations (i.e. the economic and partly political T/E) handsomely for heisting all communications.


The parliamentary Junta has not put out arrest warrants for James Clapper, who has a long career in intelligence,[4] the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), or Chief of Secret Services General Keith Alexander the head of the NSA both of whom committed perjury while under oath to the Junta. Clapper has admitted he lied, but has not been held accountable even for the Junta standards![5] More importantly both barbarians should be arrested as coup directors but one would expect this should happen by the peoples themselves and not by the Junta.


Ending the spying programs or “reforming” the NSA is sheer wishful thinking! Michael Hayden, former head of both the NSA and CIA, claimed in an interview that PRISM will continue, because he said the surveillance programs have the support of the Supreme Court, White House and Congress. Then he further implicates the Junta, “the people’s representatives were informed of these programs and they voted in favor of them”.[6] In the Junta political theater the House shows off being upset with the NSA and willing to “reform” it. In the Senate the Zionist Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein desires to tighten secrecy to ensure more spying, and Hayden fittingly stated that the Junta rightly passed the security laws (making the illegal legal). It seems Snowden’s whistle blowing has prompted the Junta into pseudo-talk of reforms.


Revamping the NSA is political theater hiding private rule changes. The House bill as with all the junta’s legislation contains loophole language (reasonable, articulable) that will continue mass surveillance. The security state triumphs over sovereign government. Coup leaders are the head of the security state, not the politicians ― they are the US cheerleaders leading the fooling public into believing it is free at last while warrantless searches become the norm! Bulk domestic metadata will not end. The NSA has to be abolished together with the whole elite and corporate conglomerate controlled by the American section of the T/E, it cannot be reformed. As has been pointed out by this Journal, the people’s “representatives” represent the interests of the globalized market economy and the corporations that finance their campaigns over and above the people’s needs. In the same interview Hayden admitted PRISM is not “suitable” for detecting the kind of communication the Tsarnaev brothers used in the run up to the Boston bombing. How did the brothers communicate? The “terrorists” have known for years that all communication is monitored and tracked, so they have appropriately altered their communications by moving SIM cards around the community.[7]


Spying on Americans is nothing new. The FBI had been spying on persons and revolutionary groups for fifteen years with its COINTELPRO operation before it was forced to drop it. Today’s coup leaders in the I C[8] were granted consent by the affable justices on the secret FISA court proceedings to continue PRISM operations.[9] The FISA court has secretly accrued the massive power of the Intelligence Community with virtually no oversight even to where the shadow government keeps secrets from the parliamentary Junta and informs it when necessary (but never sufficiently). FISA court reauthorized illegal spying on Americans (and beyond) rather than have PRISM shutdown just as COINTELPRO was ordered dismantled. The NSA can target whole populations and nothing can be done about it. PRISM analysts are claimed to connect future “terrorist dots”: of course, this is because everyone is a suspect for “terrorism” and a case can be made against anyone, potentially including individuals and movements which struggle against the New World Order of neoliberal globalization and of parliamentary Juntas planted everywhere by the T/E and their local, supposedly “patriotic”, subordinate elites. Soon the FBI will be detaining people for their beliefs or keystrokes rather than acts. Nixon advanced the transfer of power from Congress to the security state apparatus carrying out foreign and national policy and affairs policy planning, coordination and operations by concentrating and enhancing that power in his partner in the Transnational and Zionist elites and fellow global war criminal Henry Kissinger filled that role as Nixon’s national security advisor.


Executive Order 12333 was the authority through which the NSA began its coup in earnest. NSA bases its legal spying on the order of the international war criminal Ronald Reagan, who in his statement solidifies economic and political decision taking power in the executive office, “The United States intelligence effort shall provide the President and the National Security Council with the necessary information on which to base decisions concerning the conduct and development of foreign, defense and economic policy, and the protection of United States national interests from foreign security threats…Agencies within the Intelligence Community shall use the least intrusive collection techniques feasible within the United States or directed against United States persons abroad”.[10] The right to privacy protections in Reagan’s order have been as we all know discarded, when the internet became available to the public. Thus, executive orders are one of the tools of the dictatorship.


The Snowden Odyssey: an occasion of revealing the almost obvious leads to unprecedented bullying by the US and transnational elite


A federal criminal complaint was filed on June 14, 2013 against Snowden by the Obama regime charging him espionage.[11] This stems from the regime’s efforts to criminalize whistleblowers, leakers, dissenters, etc. as traitors and outlaws, even though Snowden did not give the files to a nation or group hostile to the US. The Obama regime did its best to prevent the people know they are being spied on 24/7. In order to plug further oozing of corporate state secrets other than what has been authorized Obama’s claim to transparency is unfounded as he has prosecuted more journalists than all US presidents combined in order to protect the clandestine activities of NSA[12] against the populace. Snowden believes his disclosures about the NSA’s despicable illegal machinery represent a moral and political act. For Snowden, the NSA, hand in hand with its military customers, corporate partners and parliamentary Junta are illegally spying on Americans ― not only as its close cooperation with the EU counterparts and particularly the Australian, New Zealand, British, and German elite to scoop up world communications has shown, stressing once more the role of market globalization and the transnational elite[13] ― has jack-booted the constitution and resembles a totalitarian state. Thanks to whistle-blower Snowden, he verified what we justifiably knew: what no good the IC and parliamentary Junta are up to. Furthermore, these are the same traitors who are authorized to “reform” the spying operations.[14] If Clapper, the head security guard, cannot be trusted to investigate his own agency, this speaks volumes about his trust in general!


Snowden fled the US and arrived in Hong Kong May 20.[15] The US filed extradition papers, but Hong Kong authorities said they were improperly filled out. Snowden left Hong Kong because the CIA was closing in on him[16] and landed in Moscow on June 23. US authorities attempted to corner Snowden in Moscow by revoking his passport literally stranding him there. With no valid passport Snowden is prohibited to travel. The Russians at first did not cooperate with the US to extradite him, because Snowden did not pass through Russian Customs. However, the Russians said he could not leave the airport transit zone. The T/E’s organs finally trapped him. Snowden gave a press conference on July 12 stating he is seeking political asylum. However, Russia put a very indulgent ―to put it mildly― condition on his request that he no longer harm the US. At first he refused, but seemingly impatient Russia, pressured by the T/E to kick him out of the airport with no asylum documents or Russian visa, he conceded to its condition. On July 16 he applied for temporary asylum in Russia, and on August 1 he was granted temporary asylum.


The transnational criminal elite were so intent on capturing Snowden that, first, they believed he would flee to Ecuador via Cuba, but he did not, and second, this same criminal elite again believed that he would be on the official plane of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales. So on July 6 the presidential jet carrying Evo Morales from Moscow was hijacked to Vienna by the transnational elite on orders from the American bosses for the plane to be searched for Snowden. The clueless Americans believed that Snowden would be on the jet and ordered its T/E partners in France, Spain and Italy to deny over flight of their countries. Snowden was nowhere to be found ― the US spooks could not connect the dots. Some intelligence! The American elites were duped, and fortunately Snowden escaped their clutch order: the man or the body. They would chance an act of war in their zeal to capture or assassinate one man. This is nothing new. The US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan with the pretext of finding and assassinating Osama as part of the instigated, by the T/E, bogus “war on terror”.[17] In Iraq the same fate fell to Saddam Hussein. On July 6, 2013 the only countries to offer Snowden asylum were Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua.


The “progressive” solution: eavesdropped by the behemoth of the transnational Junta’s secret services, but…transparently


On July 19 2013 the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in a fit of forced transparency let and allowed the public know that the Director of National Intelligence himself, Clapper, “decided to declassify and disclose publicly that the Government filed an application with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court seeking renewal of the authority to collect telephony metadata in bulk, and that the Court renewed that authority.” The metadata allows the NSA to know when, where, how who you visited on the internet the internet democracy unreachable as the internet has become a tool of total control as John Poindexter envisioned for the security state ― always in full accordance with the law! Obviously, the FISA court renewed the authorization for the NSA to continue illegally targeting all electronic communications of everyone, collecting, filtering, analyzing and storing all captured communications.[18] Furthermore the NSA is tightening its repressions on information secrecy. In order to further protect secret information from whistleblowers the NSA will use two people to access data so that one can watch the other. The NSA will also cease storing data on one server and save the data on several servers to limit the amount of information accessible. The NSA will also create more complex encryption to protect from hackers and whistleblowers.[19]


On July 31, 2013 Clapper, with pressure mounting to save his dubious integrity, declassified and released documents concerning telephone metadata collection in the “public interest”.[20] Also on July 31 the deputy directors of the FBI, NSA, and Justice Department testified about the regime’s use of FISA warrants to secretly gather information on anyone in the US. John Inglis, the deputy director of NSA, testified to the parliamentary Junta that no one has been fired or offered to resign from the Snowden affair.[21] In further testimony Inglis revealed for the first time that analysts investigate “three hops” from terror suspects. “This meant that if the NSA were following a phone metadata or web trail from a terror suspect, it could also look at the calls from the people that suspect has spoken with ― one hop. And then, the calls the second person had also spoken with ― two hops. Terror suspect to person two to person three. Two hops.” And now a third hop allows analysts to collect data from the friends whom person three contacts![22] In the same article researchers at the University of Milan in 2011 discovered that all internet users were “4.74 steps away” from everyone else!


When the NSA was caught with its corporate coup partner AT&T in 2006 secretly intercepting communications from an AT&T building in San Francisco, it did not stop NSA from collecting data. The computer surveillance system used to capture real time communication for the NSA was Narus which was founded in Israel in 1997 and bought by Boeing in 2010.[23] Verizon too played its dirty role allowing the NSA to tap phone lines by using another Israeli company Verint. The investigative journalist James Bamford reports not only “through these two companies pass probably 80% or more of all US communication”[24] and obviously send the captured communications to Mossad, but also these two Zionist surveillance companies have partnerships with other unsavory and repressive foreign intelligence agencies like Turkey and Egypt. NSA cares less about contravening even the classical “democratic” American Constitution than staying on mission control. General Alexander is constructing the ultimate panopticon, a behavior modification apparatus that allows them to watch us without us knowing it.[25] In addition it is common knowledge that the US and Zionist corporo-terrorist entities have collaborated in creating the computer worm, Stuxnet, to attack Iranian centrifuges. The NSA was permitted to continue its warrantless electronic data mining, when the parliamentary Junta passed and the president signed the FISA Amendments Act 2008. The NSA conveniently had their crimes made legal. The Junta concurred with its NSA partner that it can persist in its violations of people’s rights to free speech and privacy. This all based on the bogus notion that no one can prove the NSA is targeting them through unwarranted surveillance even though the DNI has admitted otherwise, when he lied to the parliamentary Junta.


Moreover, as expected, with some public outcry, the liberal wing of the parliamentary Junta failed to garner enough votes in the House on 24 July for an amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill worth over $600 billion to prevent the NSA from continuing PRISM. The president through his press secretary Carney adamantly rejected plans to “dismantle one of our Intelligence Community’s counterterrorism’s tools.”[26] Recently a federal district judge ruled that that NSA bulk data collection as unconstitutional and has given the Obama regime six months to appeal.[27] Data collection will not likely stop.


The post 9/11 foundations of the parliamentary coup: from tightening information collection to a free license to kill


The ruling elite laid out the foundation of the coup, because of government at large deliberate “failure” to connect the dots on 9/11. Thus it is no wonder that intelligence directors were not held accountable for failing to connect the dots and got promotions and awards, just like royalty. In other words they did not walk the plank, but were granted the request for more power through a coup making the illegal legal and carrying out covert global military actions. So to correct the 9/11 “failure” a deliberate secret operation in order to gain tighter control of information was called for. The status-quo remained conveniently intractable. The parliamentary Junta on the recommendation of the ruling elite resounded in unison to direct the secret information collection agency (NSA) to clandestinely collect, “process, analyze, produce, and disseminate signals intelligence information and data for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes to support national and departmental missions” and report directly to the President[28]. Perpetual war is one game, one team located in the White House. This criminal elite carries out war against its own people and the global community using the instruments of US economic and military power. It has been noted that the NSA hacked Chinese telecom industries, and intercepted Russia’s intelligence and military services sending orders to operatives in the field.[29]


 The directors of the national security state and their partners in the formal government, i.e. White House, and Supreme Court which together with the vast majority of the Congress, comprise the parliamentary Junta, created a shadow government by seizing power “legally” with the Junta providing the legal blueprints ― Patriot Act (PA) Section 215 and FISA section 702, and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA). (PA) 215 contained the word “relevant” which was interpreted by the NSA to mean relevant to any time now or in the future even if no one is under present investigation or acting suspiciously. (Recall the surveillance operations targeting all sections of Muslim communities perpetrated by a NYPD/CIA clandestine partnership using electronic surveillance and human intelligence in New York and New Jersey and the recent revelations of pre-emptive detainment of many Muslims, by using immigrants as stool pigeons).[30] FISA 702 provides for capturing of phone line conversations from America to ALL foreigners. All foreign communications and conversations of foreigners are tapped who are talking with Americans.[31] Bush the Decider carried out the coup leaders advice and created the National Counterrorism Center (NCTC). His despotic decision consolidated presidential power by having the NCTC as a “center for joint operational planning and joint intelligence”.[32] As a coup leader, the NCTC director Matthew Olsen reports to the president regarding “counterterrorism planning” and also reports to DNI on “intelligence matters”. So, through the office of the president counter terror operations are planned “following the policy direction of the president, and national and homeland security councils! Of course the decision makers sitting on the Armed Services, etc. committees, in the parliamentary Junta carried out the coup elite’s advice and made it law by passing IRTPA which transferred national and foreign counter terror operations to the office of the president thereby making the presidency even more powerful. The parliamentary Junta, on its masters’ advice will transfer power into the executive office to wage the “war on terror” where among other dirty operations[33] like the American and Zionist led cyber attack against Iranian nuclear enrichment stations, extrajudicial death demands are signed. How many death warrants peace maker and international war criminal Obama did you autograph for the 13 Yemeni in a wedding party?


A new structure of government that did not exist prior to 9/11 is interoperability,[34] that is, the ability to integrate all counterterrorism agencies and intelligence offices so that they are in constant communication and planning with each other. The office of the president has been re-crafted with the intent to solidify the concentration of power into the presidency to carry out US national interests, i.e. clandestinely carry out armed and unarmed conflict around the globe to protect the global economy. The need to track and monitor every person places enormous power into the hands of the secret government bequeathing massive military and economic power. The domestic spying operation we are told is a necessity caused by the fact that the 9/11 hijackers used the US as a base of operations and training. The Constitution has been burned to ashes and become inert.


The intelligence community’s power to carry out lawless cyber crime situates everyone’s conduct under surveillance and control in the maximum security jail called America. “We the people” are the enemy. The attack on the constitution by the NSA and the intelligence community is more than an affront against democracy. Besides, the liberal constitution has not much to do with the real notion of democracy, which is inconceivable without the demoi of the people taking all important decisions (economic, political, social, ecological), as the Inclusive Democracy project maintains. It is the destruction of the constitution that keeps even people’s mind and social activity free, particularly if they are hostile to the system of the internationalized market economy and parliamentary “democracies” (or to put it more accurately, parliamentary Juntas). To get around the freedoms guaranteed by the constitution the NSA and congressional Junta have burned up even that constitution in order to continue their criminal behavior. The consent of the governed is held in contempt. No one is held accountable and no one will be until the people themselves remove such totalitarian power located in the executive office of the president, secret court, secret Junta committees, secret treaties (5 eyes+1, see below), secret corporate partners (press/media included), secret etc. The so-called freedom of the press, i.e. “free speech” as defined within the boundaries of this pseudo-democracy, was the foundation of liberty according to its founding “fathers”. Without even this pretext of “free speech” (which is of course a joke itself as true free speech presupposes democratic isegory[35] and not a handful of elites pertaining the world’s media power while the vast majority of people are not able to influence the public sphere!) governments become latently but clearly totalitarian.


The parliamentary Junta has even discarded oversight. Members of the Senate and House select committees on intelligence are a NSA permanent rubber stamp and remain members until they die or leave office. Significant changes to the structure and organization of the government underlined the foundation of the coup in order to achieve better intelligence, control and operational capability by unifying all the intelligence and military agencies based in an information sharing and planning network.


It cannot be emphasized enough that primary integration in the new structure of government entrenching the coup into the office of the presidency was international terrorist Bush’s 2004 creation of the NCTC whose mission is to combat terrorism at home and abroad and for “joint operational planning and joint intelligence”[36] is organizationally part of the office of the DNI James Clapper and the director reports and advises Clapper about counter terror operations and analysis relating to counter terrorism.[37] This new institution was proposed by the 9/11 commission that “would break the mold of national government organization”.[38] It certainly changed the mold from a constitutional republic into a tyrannical regime.


The key role of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and National Security Agency (NSA) in the ongoing coup


The DNI is a key leader determining foreign and domestic security policy as another important element of the coup located in the executive office. The Office of DNI (ODNI) is a member of the Intelligence Community IC (a nice family oriented couplet) consisting of seventeen organizations.[39] The ODNI consists of many offices and centers. One such organization is the National Intelligence Council[40] which supports the DNI and serves as bridge between the intelligence and policy communities with experts across academia, private sector and government. Their job is to provide the rationale to the parliamentary Junta for it to provide cover for the secret security state. Another is The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity whose newest project is to “develop and test novel methods to assist intelligence analysts in anticipating significant societal events.”[41] These two make up a small fraction of the ODNI network.[42] The most significant member of the coup is the NSA. Its director General Keith Alexander also serves as Chief of Central Security Service (CSS) and Commander of US Cyber Command.[43] Although the NSA is operational under Department of Defense funding, General Alexander reports directly to Clapper (DNI), since the NSA is a member of the IC and is the most vital element in the seizing of power.


The NSA is the leader in cryptologic domination creating advantage in information technologies over the so-called “enemies of America”, which now are potentially the American people, by building powerful computers that can evaluate tens of trillions of calculations per second. The NSA’s fastest computer can “process 17,590 trillion calculations per second”![44] What these cryptologists discuss and determine is top secret, so we will never know how many of these super computers will be in the Utah spy center.[45] The coup keeper Obama repeated ad nauseum that no one is reading the content of captured American communications, which is probably true, but meta-data can give them the same end result.


The National Counterrorism Center[46] is staffed by personnel across the IC, reports directly to DNI providing analysis and integration of all terrorism intelligence. NCTC also conducts operational planning for counterterrorism activities integrating all elements of US military power. The coup leaders think because the parliamentary Junta made the illegal legal, they are above review as they go about the globe killing, assassinating, murdering innocent men, women, children based on secret information that keeps the “war on terror” hot and profitable.[47] It is all business part and parcel of a global society that will make Orwell’s 1984 seem like a fairy tale. The US ruling elite has the power to foremost mock justice, but now this is increasingly happening in every nation controlled by the T/E and its local acolytes. The US super secret security state is secured more tightly with new anti-leak measures that treat state secrets and monitors personnel at “nuclear installations”[48] as if the data were nuclear weapons. So the US is using a weapon of mass destruction against the people of the world with PRISM.


The NSC[49] provides information to the commander-in-chief who makes the final decision, which is usually not different from the ruling elite, on counter terror operations-extrajudicial killings, murders assignations, etc., the war for information control on national security and foreign policy matters. The NSC sends the president’s policy to appropriate agencies within the intelligence community. Located in the Executive office the NSC is chaired by Obama with regular members the VP, Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense, and assistant to the president for national security affairs and other invitees. The military advisor is the Chair of the joint chiefs of staff and the intelligence advisor is DNI Clapper. The militarized security state will now use blimps in a test run in the skies over Washington DC. Raytheon’s blimp in the sky will spy on everyone by tracking their every movement from boats to flying things, cars, trucks, trains, walking, bicycles, and everything else in between to defend democracy from Islamic terrorists.[50]


From PRISM to XKeyscore and beyond


PRISM is a rewrite of Reagan era war criminal John Poindexter’s Total Information Awareness[51] (TIA) the 2002 project which never got off the ground, because of concern of the massive invasion of privacy. The TIA’s goals were realized in PRISM 2006 ― to capture, analyze and store all and every piece of digital, camera, and fiber optic or satellite communication of every person including emails, social networks, credit card and stock transactions, phone calls, coded material (foreign militaries, bank/wall street financial information, diplomatic strategies, G7), etc. illegally (no one is alleged to have intended or committed a crime), tracking movements all without a search warrant ― in order to create a way to fabricate connections of foreign and domestic “terrorists”.[52] By looking for suspicious activities now and in the future, the NSA with PRISM is criminalizing the whole population of the US and beyond in order to safeguard they so felicitously call their American planet (like George Zimmerman’s back yard), but most importantly, to secure the interests of the New World Order, in which the US department of the T/E plays a crucial role. The US through its dummy operatives, recently USAid, (to hide from the Cuban government) created a fake Cuban Twitter to organize smart mobs to lay the groundwork for a “Cuban Spring”.[53]


PRISM requires unqualified submission. The mission to collect all information will go forward. The coup leaders and the parliamentary Junta take it to be their right, as in every despotism, to repress, criminalize and control the population.


The civil rights of citizens barely exist. Freedom for Americans is freedom to shop and be an active participant in the American capitalist dream. The sovereignty of the people is a chimera, because the public is de-politicized, it has no political consciousness or a very limited one by doing its duty voting in rigged elections! The parliamentary Junta succors the moneyed crowd from Citizens’ United. Along with the NSA and the implementation of PRISM they have proclaimed even the 4th Amendment’s nugget of freedom death. The coup leaders assume themselves, their military and corporate partners and decision makers in the parliamentary Junta to be the rightful protectors of their “form of ‘democracy’” ― sponsoring criminal acts at home and sponsoring terror abroad! In order to do this they must monitor all the digital footprints of the people all the time. The authority the tyranny claims did not come from the consent of the people. The tyranny was handed to them by the parliamentary Junta which as we have seen has nothing to do with the interests of the people. Thus the US has no claim to be anything other than an authoritarian government, a tyrannical policy board which just got more totalitarian than ever! The US security state has to be dismantled but not through “reforms”, through the popular struggle for embracing a comprehensive project for social liberation like the ID project.


The Guardian (one of the most prominent “progressive” organs of the New World Order which simply demands “transparency” from the System!) revealed on July 3, 2014 that NSA has another program (and as we have come to find out, one of many), XKeyscore, allowing analysts to “to search with no prior authorization through vast databases containing emails, online chats and the browsing histories of millions of individuals”. All an analyst needs is an email address or IP address.[54] The Guardian article also proves yet again how the regime continues to lie saying that no one is reading emails, etc. and proves once more the Obama/ Clapper/ Alexander squad declassified redacted documents are a ruse, just general information on how the NSA surveillance programs are supposed to operate. However, DNI could not find any recent documents other than from 2009, 2011 and the obvious letter of April 2013 demanding Verizon comply with collection of communications? None of the coup leaders’ arguments as to the legality of spying on the whole country is plausible!


The NSA and its British partner GCHQ use an appropriately tool termed Optic Nerve sends feeds of webcam chats and allied metadata into XKeyscore. The webcam spying uses facial recognition technology to identify intelligence targets, particularly those using multiple anonymous internet IDs.[55]


A voice interception program called MYSTIC has been operating a retrieval tool called RETRO which has the capability of capturing ALL, of any targeted country, telephone conversations. RETRO even has the means which can “reach ‘into the past’ to retrieve, replay phone calls…outside experts have sometimes described that prospect disquieting…”[56] Obama did not accept the recommendation from his and Clapper’s spying review board that telephone and email communications “incidentally” captured be discarded.


The NSA has plans to infect computers world wide with malware in order to take them over. The list is endless.[57]


Conclusion: the coup goes on


The Intelligence Community which is mandated to protect the nation supposedly “failed” grandly on 9/11, but those surveillance and control institutions if the IC also “failed” to prevent the first World Trade Center bombing, the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, the US embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya, McVeigh and Nichols’ Oklahoma City bombing, the underwear bomber on a Detroit bound plane, the car bomber in Times Square and the Boston bombing. NO ONE has ever been held accountable for these “failures”, possibly because some of them were very convenient “failures” to the T/E, as was proven. What the failures pre 9/11 did provide for was the fashioning of the Patriot Act which was preceded by Clinton’s highly repressive Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 as a result of the Oklahoma City bombing. However, the coup overthrowing the classically established government, as dictated by the Constitution, was necessitated by the Intelligence Community’s failures. The security state with its mercenaries and its global war-making capability, thus, found the opportunity to be restructured after 9/11 in order to allow daily comprehensive gathering of everyone’s communications and activities (physical and cyber). The national security elite rules with the corporate and political elite who are its customers: the US military, corporate partners, information universities creating information technologies. Counterterrorism is the global war perpetually fought from the Oval Head. The parliamentary coup was necessary on two levels. One, to fill the lines in the Intelligence Community’s multiple “failures” to connect the dots, by imposing the aforementioned suffocating popular control, and the second, to preserve and enhance its extensive power. The public has been deceived. The criminals’ president, the parliamentary Junta and supreme court have established an informal dictatorship, culminated over decades (coinciding with the dumbing down of public school education) where economic and political decisions-taking are relegated away from the public into the American counterpart of the T/E. The ruling elite will take all means to keep the public from knowing.


Every new disclosure from Snowden’s files (now said to contain two years of further bombshells) reveals perpetual counterintelligence operations of the security state’s secret domination and exploitation of worldwide digital communications. 9/11 offered to the IC the opportunity to carry out the coup, the blueprint of which was drawn up by the Clinton regime. Abetted by the Junta the IC abridged the constitution and assumed control over government decision-taking authority. As a result of its partnership the parliamentary Junta became an arm of the NSA in its illegal activities to take over the internet[58] and target and criminalize the public by stealing signals data. This criminal usurpation demands the need for a public shakeup and take down of the president, IC, NSA, NCTC, coup directors, corporate partners and customers, parliamentary Junta, and supreme court. The overthrow of the government by secret corporate partners, by secret Junta committees, by secret court, by secret demagogues portrays an innocent and determined America while in reality the government is counterfeit. The victimized public is the enemy.


Coup leaders Kean & Hamilton, co-chairs of the 9/11 commission, distanced themselves from the NSA by saying the NSA has superseded its mission with its communications dragnet and want to appear to be defenders of liberty by calling for a debate about NSA spying.[59] However, it was upon the 9/11 commission’s recommendation and lack of even the usual pretentious “debate” between versions of the same pattern, to re-structure government by shifting political power into the hands of the corporate military complex. Now these two architects of the coup want deniability. Next these maggots blame their other partner, the parliamentary Junta, an alliance for liars, cheaters, financiers, merchants and assorted scoundrels (easy pickings for AIPAC and fellow organizations for passing legislation. Not only that, but the 9/11 commission recommended consolidation and concentration of power. Authorizing and funding the coup is through secret budgets, secret committees, secret court. Less less trusted elite are now carrying out foreign and domestic terror to protect and secure the interests of the global market economy. The coup places in the NSA’s hands a magnitude of financial and military power that gives them a firm strangle hold over the internet in which they strengthen their grip on political and economic power.[60]


The mission of the corporate security state for domination in information intelligence sucking up ALL communication no matter if soccer moms, teenagers or G20,[61] future terrorists or global warming conferences[62] enhances, represents and protects the interests of the ruling political and economic elite by expanding and carrying out the priorities of the global market economy. The consent of the public is derided as naïveté, because we are told, the world changed on 9/11 and we must leave it up to those entrusted to protect us to combat terror. The coup elite cannot be bothered anymore with “legitimate” public grievances, tossing away the remaining facades of “democracy”. Their terrorist agenda is not only responsible for illegally spying on civilians and murder and disorder around the globe, but also crafts secret treaties with its international partners and lackeys, for instance, agreeing to give the Transnational and Zionist Elites[63] unfettered access to all stolen personal, political and corporate data, and carrying on similar treaties with “Five-Eyes +1” customers: Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada+ Israel. NSA cooperation with Germany led it to become a hub and fusion center for all European communications. Public relation propagandists tell the public that an accounting is needed to expose the scope of NSA spying, but the NSA as usual ignores the requests, meanwhile Dapper Clapper liar meets with his counterparts from Europe, Africa and Middle East partners (let us not forget Prince Bandar’s role in forming, training and arming a super-jihadi army to be unleashed against Syria. He did his job and is moving on to another job. The NSA did not know this was coming, as if ISIS sprang from nowhere in lightening speed?) The NSA contrived a pact with Great Britain (GCHQ) to gather, “analyze and store, process and share” all data on British citizens.[64] Snowden’s disclosures also uncovered a NSA memorandum allowing for hijacking data on UK citizens and the Five-Nations, “even where the partner government has explicitly denied the US permission to do so.”[65]


The coup directors, headquartered in the office of the president, advise him to approve extra-judicial assassinations that end up murdering innocent civilians, such as the murdering of 13 people in a wedding party.[66] Is it so hard to believe the community organizer has become an assassin? The illegitimate government of the US has to be overthrown as none of this so-called republic is of any worth!


The Obama/Clapper spying review board is another one of the security state’s chimera of objectivity as the members are close to the intelligence community and transparency as the board’s meetings are closed to the public![67] Obama’s pronouncements of open government are a snow job reminiscent of “participatory democracy” which has nothing to do with real democracy but it is another flashy diversion to channel the people’s anger. Snowden’s revelations will change nothing and this is what Snowden himself feared, that is, public opinion would remain in control of the elite causing the public to become impotent. Only 250 public comments (the vast majority of those responding feel the NSA is a danger to democracy and making the public less secure by violating the constitution) were made to the review board![68] The massive and continuous breaking of the constitution by the NSA presents further proof to previous articles in this Journal that massive government spying and criminalization of the public was taking place. Now everyone knows what everyone thought was taking place and everyone is still helpless to do anything about it! Overleader Clapper is clamping down on the potential revelations of NSA spies, technicians, analysts and officials. In order to prevent classified or sensitive information from getting into the hands of the public via the “free press” Director Clapper directly bans public speech of NSA spies, technicians, analysts and officials. However, the security chief said that the intelligence community can speak to the media, but first must ask for permission and second keep a log of all contacts media to avoid security violations of those who spoke to the media and what was communicated.[69]


The coup leaders and their corporate partners, as expected, use covert rulings, sanctioned leaks, covert panels, covert boards, covert committees, covert court, and lies with the aim of hiding behind the façade of a democratic process. The breadth and scope of the usurpation of power of NSA’s crimes against the constitution are facilitated in the halls of the apparent legislative power ― the parliamentary Junta! The data collection revelations and one cover up after another by the IC of their criminal and treasonous activities ought to lead to the arrest the coup leaders and their corporate partners in the military-industrial complex and of key Junta leaders.


The remainder of the Junta, the justices of the supreme court, the CEOs of the communications and military industries who aided and profited from the enemy, the suspicious public, must be removed. They are not patriots but instruments of the T/E, and their interest is not to protect the public, but to feather their own bed. The Junta is becoming a millionaire’s club. They exist to protect the unfettered flow of goods, labor and capital for global marketization. The overlords have violated any oaths they took. They are the domestic enemy, who have given themselves immunity from prosecution that protects their own criminal activities. They have crowned themselves sovereign and above the law. Constitutional government has been discarded for a despotic authority. The US is not even any more a nation of “rational” (but of course) systemic laws. The US is a panopticon detention axis with everyone constantly monitored and their movements analyzed using logarithms that would enable law enforcement to connect the dots when they see fit for their interests, even in a distant future.


The corporate security state will see to it that nothing will change ― Barry is proof of that! The current squabble between the Junta and CIA demagogue John Brennan is for public consumption. The one percenter Senator Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein is outraged at the CIA not only because of spying against and intimidating her staff, but more importantly, she says the CIA broke the constitution by operating against Americans. Now she is all in shock at this criminal breach of the constitution, but is silent, as well as her Junta comrades, about the CIA/FBI/NYPD multi-state counterintelligence operations against Muslim communities. Who knows if it has not stopped! Just because “they” say so we are to believe “them”?


Recently, US district judge William Martini found no wrong doing with the multi-agency dirty plots against the Muslim communities and denied a Muslim suit against the government for discrimination and injury. In his convoluted reasoning the judge wrote, “the motive of the program was not solely to discriminate against Muslims, but rather to find Muslim terrorists hiding among ordinary, law-abiding Muslims.” He went on to further irrationality explaining that even if the Muslims could claim injury it was caused by the “unauthorized disclosure of documents by the Associated Press.”![70] No Muslim terrorists were found and no Muslim terror threat was uncovered! Zionist Feinstein is a partner not an overseer to the Intelligence Community’s dictatorship again showing the Junta’s disdain for the public. When the CIA/Junta discord finally gets straightened out, then there can be a public discussion of CIA torture as this is what the fight is about. The CIA does not want released a critical Junta report of the CIA torture techniques. The Justice Dept. is investigating a request by the CIA inspector general to ascertain whether the CIA broke the law. The row came to a head at the end of 2013, “when the committee discovered that a CIA internal review confirming some of the committee’s findings had been withheld from Senate investigators.”[71]


The collapse of the security state is not imminent as the public is not sufficiently outraged at its loss of typical liberty to pose a threat to the System. The security state is deeply bundled in secrecy, lies and deceptions that allow the despots and demagogues in the executive office and star trek bridges to roam freely around the world meddling in the internal affairs of other nations, like Ukraine, where the resistance to neoliberal globalization has brought about a pseudo-revolution managed by the transnational elite and “the misleading propaganda of the degenerate ‘Left’,”[72] claiming that the Ukraine financial crisis can be overcome within the European Union and the New World Order in general, have surreptitiously rendered useless the constitution. It has become a piece of paper with words not guaranteeing anything.


 As evidence mounts of more NSA activities from Snowden’s files it cannot be contradicted the US corporate security state spreads terror around the globe ruthlessly running its operations outside the law and is a subversion of jurisprudence. It cannot be denied it is a barbaric organization, and who in the antisystemic Left, would argue that it wouldn’t be such? It’s just that through these unprecedented Orwellian mechanisms, that the transformation of parliamentary “democracy,” into a parliamentary Junta, is now being consolidated. For the coup leaders and the IC, their corporate partners, and the parliamentary Junta there no longer exists accountability, punishment, or reform. They have crowned themselves sovereign and above the law by awarding themselves immunity from the law. Constitutional government has been discarded for a despotic authority. How can anyone think respectfully of despotic authority? The security state is so vast and bundled in secrecy and lies that a few despots and demagogues in the executive office and star trek bridges can surreptitiously control the reins of political and economic decision taking. The public has one more reason to overthrow a tyrannical regime through a comprehensive program for social change as the ID maintains, that could encompass a popular front with other anti-globalization forces against the counter-revolution of the elites.


There is an urgent need now to remake society based on such a concrete program towards systemic change and the corresponding democratic ethics and begin taking back the public space, otherwise nothing will change. The constitution is held in disrepute by these “corrupt” criminals, since they are not held accountable. These overlords are the domestic enemy who has violated any oaths they took to protect that constitution. But corruption is nothing new in the development of the system of the market economy and representative “democracy.” Nor are such “domestic enemies”, who have given themselves immunity from prosecution, the root of evil anyway. Most mass political crimes today happen transparently. The maneuver of the semi-totalitarian today’s system, when the activity of such “corrupt” officials are revealed, is to grant immunity that protects their compromising of the free flow of information. The coup leaders’ demands for increasing secrecy and intensified spying have just reached the point that they mock the most established “democratic” principles and public trust.


There is an alternative. The obvious way involves taking back citizen sovereignty with the redistribution of income, wealth and power in the political, economic and social spheres with an entirely progressive income tax, socializing banks, establishing a just and equitable system of health, education and social services, exiting all trade agreements like NAFTA, foregoing the proposed regressive and secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership and the free trade agreement between the US and EU which will create the world’s largest trading bloc, and creating the institutional framework that ensures citizen sovereignty of mutual interests, shared activity and a willingness to communicate and engage in questioning crystallized beliefs. Inclusive democracy offers an alternative of social organization that re-integrates society with politics, economy and nature “within a institutional framework that secures the necessary conditions for the equal distribution of power”.[73]


However, the concentration of power and the parliamentary coup that complements it are unavoidable within the New World Order (NWO) of neoliberal globalization and parliamentary Juntas now imposed to every people of the planet, either with economic wars against the peoples who are integrated into the internationalized System, or with military wars or pseudo-insurrections “from below” against peoples who resist this process (as in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran and potentially Russia and China in the future). The US security and military complex is part and parcel of this totalitarian project of expanding the NWO, which consolidates power mainly into the hands of the US elite, but also this way, benefits the T/E as a whole. This is why the peoples should fight to exit the institutions of globalization through popular fronts for self-reliance and self-determination, which could lead to confederations of Inclusive Democracies in a new internationalism and out of the pseudo-“internationalism” of (a small minority of elites and privileged groups!) neoliberal globalization. It is time to overthrow the illegitimate shadow government headquartered in executive office of the president and its partner the parliamentary Junta, arrest the coup leaders for treason and most importantly for their “legal” mass terrorisms, and discontinue the symptoms: spying and preemptive compromising of all potential “terrorists” (for the elites!) security. To end the bogus “war on terror,” together with building new institutions “from below” and proceeding to social revolutionary transformation, we must begin talks on shutting down the murderous global US military operations, remove all US military (contractors and proxies) presence in the Middle East, and end supporting the apartheid Zionist regime in Palestine.



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