The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, Vol. 9, No. 1/2 (Winter/Summer 2013)




Our last editorial, more than a year ago, began as follows: “we would like first to apologize once more to our subscribers and readers for the long delay in publishing Vol. 8, which has to do with extreme unforeseen circumstances very much related to the twin systemic crises in the Eurozone and advanced capitalist countries in general, and the Middle East in particular”. If we substitute Vol. 9 for Vol. 8. what was said then is still valid, although the general situation, and consequently our own situation, is even worse!


The general attack of the Transnational Elite (TE) at all fronts has now expanded to cover even the “Eastern Front,” i.e. Russia, through Ukraine. The defensive (if not pathetic) stand of the Russian elite so far, which seems to be completely dominated at present by the “globalizers” within it, has led to a massive attack by the TE and the puppets it installed in Kiev, despite the heroic struggle of the workers in East Ukraine, whom almost helpless continue a hopeless struggle against an entire army which enjoy the massive help of the secret services and the criminal mercenaries of the same elites (the transnational and local elites).


Yet, this crucial battle will determine the fate of all of us, as its outcome will decide whether the New World Order will be finally victorious in integrating every single corner of the Earth into neoliberal globalization and the unipolar world monopolizing world power it has created, or whether instead a new bipolar world will emerge around the Eurasian Union, as it was originally planned as an alternative world order based on sovereign nations.


This issue attempts to give a first glance at this general attack of the TE at all fronts with a series of articles by Takis Fotopoulos on aspects of this attack in the European space, both at the new political-military front of Ukraine, and the old economic front of the peoples within the EU and in particular of its greatest victim: the Greek people.


John Sargis attempts to demystify US parliamentary so-called “democracy,” with a comprehensive analysis of the NSA affair, which, as he aptly put it illustrates how the US corporate security state carried out a bloodless and seamless coup unbeknownst to the public but operating hand-in-hand with the "elected" government, which reveals  some of the mechanisms that have turned the last shreds of parliamentary "democracy" into a parliamentary junta.


All this, as a first contribution to the present concerted global attack at all fronts by the elites and we hope that through a system of multiple pre-publications that we are going to introduce immediately after this issue, we will be able to cover on time its stage by stage development.



The Editorial Committee

June 2014






The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy, Vol. 9, Nos. 1/2 (Winter/Summer 2013) ; Contributors ;  Editorial ; Rise of a new fascism or bankruptcy of the Old Left? Or, how the anti-EU movement spread all over Europe...apart from Ukraine, Takis Fotopoulos ; The real causes of the catastrophic crisis in Greece and the “Left”, Takis Fotopoulos ; The Italian slap to the transnational elite, Greece and global governance, Takis Fotopoulos ; NSA and PRISM: myths of parliamentary democracy and culmination of a parliamentary coup, John Sargis ; Baghdad Roof, Dave Hamra