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(26.02.2015) The bankruptcy of Syriza and of the globalist “Left”

(13.02.2015) Minsk 2: Victory for the Transnational Elite in Ukraine?

(04.02.2015) Syriza’s climbdown or the end of the Left’s dream

(29.01.2015) A major turning point in Greece for better or worse (1st Edition) [ also @ Global Research (30.01.2015) link ] and

(01.02.2015) (2nd Expanded Edition)

(19.01.2015) Left mythology and neoliberal globalization: Syriza and Podemos (as: Greece decides a Grexit from the Euro)

(12.01.2015) How the Transnational Elite created Islamic Terrorism

(22.12.2014) The Russian options in the face of the Transnational Elite's frontal attack

(15.12.2014) The Myths about the New World Order

(06.12.2014) Economic warfare the main Western weapon  [ also @ Global Research (08.12.2014) link ]

(27.11.2014) Globalization, Russia and the Left

(20.11.2014) Russia at the crossroads  [ also @ Global Research (21.11.2014) link ]

(14.11.2014) Democracy, the internet and freedom of speech

(03.11.2014) Towards a new Democratic World Order

(27.10.2014) Oil economic warfare and self-reliance

(20.10.2014) Τhe Transnational Elite and the NWO as conspiracies  [ also @ Global Research (28.10.2014) link ]

(13.10.2014) The real objectives of the Transnational Elite in Syria

(06.10.2014) BRICS and the myth of the multipolar world

(29.09.2014) Transnational Terrorism

(22.09.2014) Scotland and the myth of independence within the EU

(17.09.2014) Syria Next and the Islamist bogeyman

(11.09.2014) NATO and planned "chaos" in the NWO

(31.08.2014) Russia, the Eurasian Union and the Transnational Elite

(18.08.2014) The Russian embargo and the Ukrainian “coup from below”

(06.08.2014) The Zionist Brutalization Within the New World Order and the Need for a United Multi-national and Multicultural State (shorter version as: The Zionist Brutalization Within the New World Order)

(20.07.2014) The new Transnational Elite and Zionist massacres (as : Two parallel massacres: Palestine and East Ukraine)