The International Network for Inclusive Democracy (The ID Network)




The International Network for Inclusive Democracy is an international confederation of local autonomous groups or individual members. Participation in the network does not imply any organization commitment, since there is no ‘centre’, in accordance with the aims of the ID. However, participation does imply acceptance of Our Aims, as published in this website. 

Local cells decide whether they would be organised as study groups and/or as groups for local political intervention. In case a number of local groups in a particular country decide to intervene at the local as well the national level (excluding of course any activity related to the parliamentary elections which are incompatible with the ID project) the local cells are not ‘represented’ but take part directly, through immediately recallable delegates, to the deliberations for national action.

Participation in the network assumes that members are ready to work for the promotion of the ID project, through publications (electronic or in print form), talks and/or local political  intervention. Participation in local study groups for the discussion of the views related to the ID project (which were developed in Democracy & Nature, The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy in the period 1992-2003 –some articles relevant to the ID project are reproduced in full in the D&N website- as well as in the book Towards An Inclusive Democracy) is strongly recommended for the creation of a new democratic conscience.  A basic function of the network would be the exchange of information between the local cells about their activity and their related experiences and problems and possibly the publication in our website of an electronic newsletter that would refer to their activities, express (from the ID perspective) the local cells’ views on local issues.


At the moment, ID cells are functioning in Argentina, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Nepal, Spain, Swiss, UK, Uruguay and USA  (contact details may be obtained from the webmaster).


If you wish to become members of this network just send your email address and the area in which your activity takes place to the webmaster: [email protected]



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