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Takis Fotopoulos is a political philosopher, editor of Society & Nature/ Democracy and Nature/ The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy; he is also a columnist for the Athens Daily Eleftherotypia. He was previously (1969–1989) Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of North London.


He is the author of Towards An Inclusive Democracy (London & New York: Cassell, 1997) which has been translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek and  Chinese and of the book The Multidimensional Crisis and Inclusive Democracy, published by the International Journal of Inclusive Democracy (2005). His last book in English is The Pink Revolution in Iran and the “Left” (International Journal of Inclusive Democracy, 2009).


He is also the author of numerous books in Greek on development, the Gulf war, the neo-liberal consensus, the New World Order, the drug culture, the New Order in the Balkans, the new irrationalism, globalisation and the left, the war against ‘terrorism’, Chomsky and Albert, the present multi-dimensional crisis and the systemic crisis in Greece. His latest books in Greek are Greece as a protectorate of the transnational elite: The need for an immediate exit from the EU and for a self-reliant economy (Athens: Gordios, November 2010) and The Chronicle of the Catastrophe 2010-2015: From the Memoranda of the systemic PASOK / ND to SYRIZA's "Left" Memorandum (Athens: Gordios, September 2015)


He is also the author of about 1,000 articles in British, American and Greek theoretical journals, magazines and newspapers, several of which have been translated into over twenty languages.





  Takis Fotopoulos


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