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Volume 13


Vol.13, Nos.1/2 (Winter-Summer 2017)   PDF



Contributors, pp. iii  PDF

Prologue to Vol.13 (27.12.2017), pp.1  PDF

Takis Fotopoulos, The crisis of the ideology of neoliberal globalization (12.03.2017), pp. 3-14  PDF

Takis Fotopoulos, The systematic effort of the Transnational Elite to crush the ‘Brexit revolution’: From Brexit and Trump to Le Pen (05.05.2017), pp. 15-51  PDF

Arran Gare & Takis Fotopoulos, The New World Order (NWO) of neoliberal globalization in Australia (17.06.2017), pp. 52-55  PDF

Neil Clark, Brexit, Trump, the AfD and the 'New World Order in Action' (30.09.2017), pp. 56-59  PDF

Barry Seidman & Takis Fotopoulos, 2017 Barry Seidman’s interview with Takis Fotopoulos on the New World Order in Action for "Equal Time for Freethought" radio show (23.12.2017), pp. 60-75  PDF




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