The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, vol. 2, no.4 (November 2006)

The descent of USA towards a totalitarian regime



On 29 June the U.S. Supreme Court rejected (5-3) one of the transnational elites’ stooges a pivotal strategy in the wars waged abroad and in the US. Yes, George W. Bush, the war stooge, and his Administration are waging war against America, and the US was one vote away from becoming a full blown dictatorship! His strategy, as a war President, he claims gives him inherent unlimited power. The Supreme Court said in their opinion that George’s grab for power went beyond the limit of law even for this decidedly conservative court of whom two members, Roberts and Alito, were appointed by Bush. Roberts did not vote, because he had ruled for the government on this case as an appeals court justice. The justices narrowly defeated the Bush Administration’s quest for absolute power in creating his brand of kangaroo tribunals to “try” detainees. Stripped of their human rights detainees or “enemy combatants” have been held for up to four years without charges and if tried would not be able to attend the kangaroo tribunal. Also, the government can introduce hearsay evidence, unsworn testimony, and confessions or evidence obtained under torture. These kangaroo tribunals the Bush Administration created violated all legalities. By going beyond the law Bush and his Administration becomes lawless because he proclaimed he is the “‘decider’ of what is right.”  But the Court gave the Administration a loophole through which Congress could pass laws specifically authorizing the military tribunals. "Nothing prevents the president from returning to Congress to seek the authority he believes necessary," Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in his opinion.

The Court ruling is an indication of the fact that the ruling elites today do not even bother to pretend they are committed to their own ‘legality’ and they use every means available to by-pass it, in case it puts any obstacles to the imposition of the New World Order (NWO). In other words, as long as the elites control the populations through mass media, economic blackmail, etc. they can always use their political power in order to smash any objections, even if they come from the supposedly independent legislative and judiciary. So I want to emphasize that it is not the Supreme Court that has saved us from the present Administration’s tyranny, since the difference between the Bush/Blair duo and the other components of the transnational elite is one of differing strategies, but the goal is the same:  the concentration of power that the system of the market economy and representative democracy accrues and which has not only plunged the world into a new stage of barbarism, but also attempts to establish a kind of dictatorship in the U.S. The international elites’ self-proclaimed “decider” of what is right uses a complementary right wing Congress to extend their agenda. Furthermore, the Bush Administration has used the Pentagon as the transnational elite’s military arm to force its NWO around the world. This, does not of course mean that a Democratic Administration would have implemented significantly different policies from the Republican ones, had they been elected, as the Clinton administration and John Kerry had clearly shown. Bush is a puppet of the economic (including the mass media) elites, as well as of the political elites. It is these elites which appointed him, and not the people who, in a representative so-called-democracy, play a completely decorative role in the political process. The Bush administration was appointed by those elites exactly because it was sure to implement their policies in relation to neoliberal globalization and the consequent grabbing of resources in the Middle East .

Six months ago Congress passed a bill outlawing torture. When Bush signed the bill into law, he immediately said that he was not bound by the law. Congress whines a bit, but then succumbs because they do not want (in Americans’ eyes) to be labeled as soft on terror. But Congress gives the Bush Administration whatever they want, and indeed it was a detainee who has proved the US political elite as criminals, and not Congress! Congress goes along for spying on Americans using their cell phones, internet correspondences, banking transactions, and anti- war and peace groups as well. The Total Information Awareness Project established by former Admiral John Poindexter, infamous for his part in the Iran/Contra scandal, has morphed and is now hidden in other plots to spy and gather information on Americans. The war criminal Bush (as the Nobel prize winner Harold Pinter characterized him) recently told the EU that he would like to see Guantanamo closed, but the Supreme Court in this decision implicitly said he could keep it open. Indeed the Bush Administration will keep it open for business until a plan is devised where they can better hide torture and renditions. 

Dissent is unacceptable and unpatriotic in the US oligarchic regime. Congress has willingly handed  its power to the transnational elite and its political puppets. Congress is the make-believe voice of the people. Special interests, big money, and lobbyists for the transnational economic elite write the bills that Congress then enthusiastically passes in order to concentrate the political and economic power at the hands of the richest elites. Obscene wealth produces obscene poverty and the multidimensional crisis we face, which is caused by the confluence of the market economy and representative democracy. The only freedoms people are taught is the freedom to consume and be entertained—the new bread and circuses of the New World Order. Since there is no opposition in a congruous Congress, it joins the unitary president in controlling public information thereby creating a super secret terror state. Congress is for sale and everyone knows it. The collusion of the market economy and the government is a form of totalitarianism. The real functions of government are done in secret. Republican and Democratic agents are involved in illegal schemes from stealing elections, corruption, and squandering the treasury. The population is pacified and do not vote, because they feel helpless against the political machine of the transnational elite—whether democrat or republican. The people have been de-skilled by the system of public education where critical thinking skills and critical consciousness have evaporated. Freedom is confused with consumerism and rugged individualism where anything is justified to get ahead. 

 The U.S. is no longer a sovereign state, but a rogue state in the hands of the international elite initiating barbarism around the world. Even the great liberal rights document of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, is being reversed. Specifically the Bush Administration has set its sights on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th amendments to shred. The unitary ruler does not need probable cause or search warrants to spy and poke his nose around credit card purchases, medical records and any other surveillance he authorizes, and this is done in real time on any purchase, call, or internet transaction. Bush wants this information, because “If Al Qaeda is talking to Americans I want to know”, to fight his bogus long war on terror, but yet any of his criminal acts that are revealed are dismissed as interfering and cumbersome to the protecting of “American values.” Congress has willingly become a straw man. Congress feeds into fear, and its ultimate silence gives consent to the Bush Administration’s crimes. Congress’ accordance is not the basis of a free society, but a totalitarian society. Membership into Congress is guaranteed of ex right wing military veterans and law enforcement officials, and corporate types who give Bush and the international elite what they want in establishing the NWO. Thus Congress is a body established for such a purpose, and now is composed of two right wings —the republicrats and the democans. They seek total allegiance to the patriot state. All rights belong to the State and not the people. Someone has pointedly said that the difference between the democratic state and the totalitarian state is the counting of votes. Bush arrogantly proclaims he will violate any law, because he is the “decider”, and has stolen two elections.  The Supreme Court obliges with the semblance of law. Thus all three branches of government conspire and underwrite U.S. and international elite sponsored terrorism. As a security state, there are more secrets than ever, Congress and the Supreme Court has conspired with Bush to produce anti-terror legislation aimed at eradicating civil liberties. Information is kept from public oversight through disinformation and propaganda veiled as news. Five corporations own 95% of the media. In such a set up it is easy to control public opinion.  

As a totalitarian state the U.S. government represents the interests of the ruling international elite. Their actions go beyond morality and float in the immoral, because they substitute gut instincts for justice. The rule of force governs their political capital. Bush himself, as the arch-puppet of the elites, cannot  listen to reason, because he is anti-intellectual. Thus he is a slave to his passions. His starting point is Hobbes’s state of war. He wants to be remembered as the “war president.” Bush and his cronies must be arrested and held accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity and sent to the international court at The Hague. There is plenty of documentation that Bush is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. In June ’05 the U.S. admitted to torturing prisoners at U.S. detention centers in Guantanamo, Afghanistan and Iraq to the committee against torture. The legal black hole that allows the U.S. to detain people around the world without charges, access to lawyers, and trials is the classification “enemy combatant”. Without status as a prisoner of war Bush claims the detainees can be held indefinitely for years. 

Bush also defends his domestic spying programs without warrants by claiming that the special secret spy courts are cumbersome. These courts have never rejected a warrant. He claims that Congress gave him the authority, but it is a lie. He claims Congress was notified about the spying, but only a handful of confidants have known about it. He claims the spying program is narrow and limited. But it is a lie. He claims the U.S. does not torture people, but it is a lie. Bushspeak is inanities. 

Since the people lend themselves to manipulation, because they have been de-skilled, Bush is doing away with the right to revolt. The American people have forgotten the right to revolt. The U.S. government is abused and perverted by the manipulations of the transnational economic elite who are using the Pentagon as a tool to carry out their nefarious activities. The American people are being imposed upon by the international elite and their proxies in government in order to enrich and engorge themselves on the U.S. treasury. Witness the Iraq war and occupation. If the people knew the truth, which is withheld from them, they would not have consented to the barbarous invasion. In a representative democracy each citizen hands over her power to the legislator thereby evaporating her conscience, and Congress can be sold to the highest bidder and manipulated by the criminal in power. Those who resist the corrupt state are treated as enemies, but the enemy is the state. I cannot stand up for my government which tortures, imprisons without charges, and criminalizes its citizens. The time has come to refuse allegiance to and resist the government. Its tyranny and incompetence have become unendurable. The American people cannot continue on the present path forged by the transnational economic elite and their representatives. They all must be removed. It is imperative that this political machine that is organizing torture, repression, thievery, and an all out attack on civil liberties must be deposed and Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Gonzalez, Powell, the leaders of Congress, and the Supreme Court must be arrested for war crimes and crimes against humanity.