The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, vol. 2, no.4 (November 2006)

“Democracy” in the New World Order






The stand of the transnational elite with respect to Hamas’ victory is neither surprising nor unprecedented. Thus, when the Palestinians, following faithfully the rules of representative ‘democracy’, decided to reject the pro-American and corrupt[1] Fatah regime, the transnational elite decided to strangle them financially until they committed themselves to its conditions. Namely, to condemn ‘terrorism’, as the Palestinian national liberation movement has been renamed by the Zionists after 9/11, and also to renounce their declarations (which before the Oslo agreements were part of the 1968 Palestinian Constitution) calling for the dissolution of the State of Israel and the creation of a ‘pure’ Palestinian State in Palestine. Needless to add, the transnational elite never demanded the corresponding repudiation by the Israeli State of the Constitution of the Zionist movement and the Balfour Declaration which called for a, similarly ‘pure’, Jewish State in Palestine. It is therefore clear that the transnational elite and the Zionists are determined to continue and intensify the present vicious cycle of blood in order to support the two-state solution, so that the Zionist State would never be challenged again in the future. However, a democratic solution, as I tried to show elsewhere,[2] should aim at the creation of a single multicultural state embracing both Jews and Palestinians (including all refugees), as the progressive Jewish and European Left in the past and post-Zionists and progressive Palestinians today also suggest. This, to my mind is the only solution which could not only secure the autonomy of the peoples living in Palestine but also serve as the first step towards a future confederation of the peoples in Palestine based on Inclusive Democracy.


Of course, not all democracies are the same for the transnational elite, which has just decided to refer Iran to the UN Security Council —clearly preparing another ‘surgical’ attack at the nuclear infrastructure of the country, similar to the one carried out by Israel in 1981— on the grounds that it violates international regulations by planning the construction of nuclear weapons and by supporting ‘terrorism’ (i.e. the Palestinian resistance). This, at the very moment that Zionist Israel has ignored or violated dozens of resolutions by International Organisations (UN, International Court of Justice etc) which condemn it for state terrorism in the occupied territories, illegal settlement activity at a massive scale, and for continuing building the ‘wall of the apartheid’ —the demolition of which was demanded by the International Court of Justice —not to mention the fact that it is general knowledge that it possesses nuclear weapons! 


The stand of the transnational elite to ignore the will of the peoples, even if it is  expressed according to its own prescriptions, is not unprecedented  —despite the fact that the same elite has launched a series of catastrophic wars in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan to spread ‘democracy’. This is the tactic followed everywhere when the democratic will of the peoples is not compatible with the transnational elite’s plans. When, for instance, the Algerian Islamic Salvation Front won the first round of parliamentary elections in 1981, the army —with the tacit support of the transnational elite— imposed a military regime in the country, cancelled the second round of the elections and banned the Islamic Front (which is still banned!)  leading to the massacre of over 150,000 civilians, mainly at the hands of paramilitary organisations.[3]


Furthermore, the Greek people have a bitter, first-hand, experience of the meaning given to ‘democracy’ by its ardent supporters in the West. When in 1967 the anti-monarchy movement seemed to become uncontrollable by the reformist leadership of the Centre-Left, which was set to win the forthcoming parliamentary elections, the US elite gave the green light to the colonels, who took over power cancelling the elections and suspending Parliament for seven years, during which they managed to cultivate a consumerist mentality to many people, while turning others to the conservative values of religion, if not  to religious irrationalism itself. And when Greek Cypriots gave a massive ‘no’ vote to the ‘Anan Plan’, which was designed by the transnational elite and aimed at the legalisation and institutionalisation of the present de facto partition of Cyprus, the will of the people was ignored once again: Greek Cypriots were ‘punished’ to a gradual de facto recognition of the partition, until they would conform and adopt the de jure partition of the island —something that was, also, one of the basic aims of the military coup in Greece.


Naturally, the transnational elite does not hesitate to use similar methods (although a bit more subtle) against the peoples living in its own domain when their control by the usual means (mass media, economic dependence etc.) fails to fully manipulate their reactions. Thus, apart from the draconian antiterror laws which have been introduced in the USA,[4] the European Union[5] and elsewhere, which institutionalise an Orwellian state terrorism and Big Brother’s watching of movements and communications (cameras, emails, phone calls etc), the British Parliament has already begun discussing a bill which penalises the ‘glorification’ of terrorism—something that, today, includes the justification of peoples’ resistance against occupying powers in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan and, yesterday, the resistance against the Nazi occupation or the British and French colonialism!


No wonder therefore that the transnational elite does not hesitate now to proceed to the next step: to rewrite History and, in the process, to condemn (and tomorrow to penalise) every antisystemic ideology. Thus, on January 25, 2006 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe passed a resolution which ‘strongly condemned the massive human rights violations committed by totalitarian communist regimes and expressed sympathy, understanding and recognition for the victims of these crimes’[6]. And it went on in an accompanying memorandum (16/12/05) : “Whereas another totalitarian regime of the 20th century, namely Nazism, has been investigated, internationally condemned and the perpetrators have been brought to trial, similar crimes committed in the name of communism have neither been investigated nor received any international condemnation” (art. 4). On these grounds, the Council ‘called on all communist or post-communist parties in Council of Europe member states which had not so far done so “to reassess the history of communism and their own past […] and condemn them without any ambiguity”. However, even more important was the condemnation by the European Council not just of the criminal excesses of some communist regimes, (which it identified with the crimes of Nazism!), but of the communist ideology itself. Thus, as the memo states in art. 29: “These (communist) crimes are direct results of the class struggle theory which imposed the need for “elimination” of people who were not considered as useful to the construction of a new society”. Aptly, therefore, the Greek edition of Inclusive Democracy stresses, that the aim of this action of the European Council was obvious:


“following the identification of all antisystemic movements (irrespective of practice and ideology), as well as of the countries which do not conform with the instructions and norms of the transnational elite, with terrorism, it is similarly attempted today that an entire historical current is penalised… Even more important is the fact that it is clearly attempted that an entire ideology, the communist ideology, is penalised, and —by implication— every antisystemic ideology, which the bourgeois authors of this memorandum had the nerve to identity with the Nazi ideology!”[7] 





* The above text is based on a translation of an article which was first published in the fortnightly column of Takis Fotopoulos in the mass circulation Athens daily Eleftherotypia on 4/2/06



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