The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY, vol. 2, no.4 (November 2006)

The aim of the massacre: To crush any resistance



As the Zionist attack continues after being given the green light by the transnational elite (the USA and EU in association with Russia and China) and is expected to intensify as soon as the elite’s subjects are evacuated from the ‘war’ zone, the aims of the massacre become clear.

The basic aim is to crush any resistance to the New World Order (NWO). The renaming of resistance as ‘terrorism’ — something to which the entire reformist Left consents, including some so-called ‘libertarians’ and the self-declared ‘anarchist’ Noam Chomsky — has helped enormously in this. It is the characterisation of any act of resistance against the Zionist occupation as terrorism which has given the Zionists the ‘right’ not only to engage in the ‘targeted’ murders of whomever they classify as a ‘terrorist’, as well as of many more civilians who are classified as ‘collateral damage’, but also to flatten the basic infrastructures of the Palestinian and Lebanese people (bridges, hospitals, schools, electric power plants, airports and hundreds of houses),[1] creating, in the process, new mass waves of refugees.

The subsequent aims following the crushing of the resistance are:

  • first, the subjection of the Palestinian people to the ‘events on the ground’, which have been organised by the systematic and racist ethnic cleansings of the Zionists, from the moment they created their state in 1948. Their plan seems to be that, once the armed resistance of the Palestinian resistance organisations has been broken, the road will be open for the creation of various Bantustans in parts of the Palestinian land, which will be administered by the new client political elite that the transnational and Zionist elites will promote there. A new puppet regime in Palestine, which will be completely dependent on the Zionist regime, will join those already established in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • second, the incapacitation of the armed resistance of the four million refugees (created by the Zionist ethnic cleansings) and of their allies among the Lebanese, so that they will not be able to fight against the Bantustan solutions to be imposed in Palestine. Not accidentally, none of the proposed ‘solutions’ to the Palestinian problem — not even of those adopted by the ‘progressive’ Zionist Left foresees the return of the refugees to their homeland! Following the dismantling of a large part of the infrastructure of Hezbollah a task which the transnational elite has given the Zionists ‘free time’ to complete— the aim of the Zionist and the transnational elites seems to be to use the Lebanese government to implement Security Council resolution no. 1559 (proposed by the USA and France), which will force Hezbollah to be disarmed and driven from the Lebanese-Israeli border. Lebanon will, then, be able to be — as was originally planned— another ‘normal’ state like Jordan, i.e. a protectorate of the transnational elite.

  • third, the subjection of Syria and Iran. These countries, under the threat of having the same fate as Lebanon, will be forced to abandon any idea of supporting any kind of resistance against the NWO which is being established in the Middle East, as well as any idea of planning for nuclear armament. This way, the transnational elite hopes, the NWO will be installed for good in an area which is critical in the reproduction of the growth economy, and in an era in which the world scarcity of energy will intensify.

Given the huge asymmetry of military power between the Zionist regime (backed by the transnational elite) and the resistance organisations, it is possible that the NWO which is being planned for the Middle East will, indeed, be imposed; particularly so if the combination of financial and military pressures succeeds in bringing about the overthrow, or at least the subjection of, the Syrian and Iranian regimes.[2] However, even if such a ‘victory’ were to be achieved, it would certainly be short-term and would lead the Jewish people the vast majority of whom, both in Israel and in the Diaspora, now seem to follow the criminal Zionist elite to a new catastrophe. The imposition of the NWO in the area and of the Bantustans in Palestine would make it obvious to everybody that the two-state solution is a cheat and would, therefore, lead to a new kind of mass resistance never seen before. Furthermore, the dynamics of such a process would have a very undesirable side-effect: the ruling out of the only real solution to the Palestinian problem, which is supported today by both the radical Jewish Left and progressive Palestinians, as well as by the Inclusive Democracy supporters[3]: the creation of a single Judaeo-Palestinian state in which both peoples, equal to each other and keeping their autonomy, could share the same land. This solution is, obviously, already all but ruled out when 86% of Israelis[4] have reached such a state of degradation as to approve the bestial bombings of citizens in their houses and cars, as well as their deprivation of electricity and water, while clear majorities in other polls have shown approval of the inhumane flattening of parts of Gaza. At the same time, the majority of Jews in the Diaspora, apart from a few honourable exceptions, not only do not condemn these crimes in practice — by cutting off their huge financial support, on which the military power of this regime crucially depends — but they also try to rationalise such crimes, if they do not actively organise demonstrations in favour of them!

Indicatively, in Britain, where the most politically powerful Jewish community — after that of the US lives, and where the ‘objective’ BBC, in its domestic bulletins, emphasises the victims of ‘terrorism’ as much as, if not more than, the over ten times greater number of victims of Zionist terrorism (presumably adopting the racist conclusion of the Zionist prime minister that a Jew’s life is much more significant than a Palestinian’s), the vast majority of the Jewish community support the Zionist state in every way possible. No wonder that the chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, in response to the criticism that the Board should have spoken out against Israeli policy, gave the following insolent answer: “I have nothing to say about the attacks on Gaza, but if we saw any upsurge of anti-Semitic attacks because of the way that story had broken, doubtless we would have something to say about that”.[5] This stand, rightly predicting the wave of new anti-Jewish acts to follow particularly by Muslims which would promptly be characterised as anti-Semitic, simply confirms once more the stand of the progressive Jew Norman Finkelstein[6] that Zionists have created a huge ‘Holocaust industry’ to exploit this historical tragedy in their cover-up of post-war Zionist crimes and in their exercising of a kind of ideological terrorism against anybody who dares to oppose these crimes by labelling him/her an anti-Semite, even if they happen to be Jewish themselves! Thus, one could explain how even mainly pro-Zionist groups like the Jews for Justice for Palestinians have been marginalised, simply because they call for a return to the pre-1967 borders!

In conclusion, the present dominance of Zionists, who never wished to live together with Palestinians in the same land as had been proposed by the Jewish Left before and during the second world war — and who have always aimed, instead, to form an ethnically-cleansed Jewish state, will inevitably have catastrophic consequences if it remains unchallenged. These consequences will be paid for not only by all the peoples in the area but also by peoples in the west as well, because of the inevitable intensification of ‘terrorism’…


* The above text is an extended version of an article which was first published in the fortnightly column of Takis Fotopoulos in the mass circulation Athens daily Eleftherotypia on 22/7/2006

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