The International Journal of


A quarterly journal published by the International Network for Inclusive Democracy


 ISSN 1753-240X


We encourage debate around the issues we bring up in this journal, which is crucial for the development of an international ID movement. An international ID network is already in operation and you may become a member of it if you agree with its aims as set out in:


The first step might be to initiate a meeting of a number of people in a particular area who are interested in the ID project with the aim to create a study group for the discussion of this project and in particular of the aims of the international ID network. A list of questions for study groups to consider will be published in this website. If general agreement with the principles of the ID network is confirmed then the group could come in contact with the cells of the ID network in the same country and/or in other countries for the exchange of information, news etc. If you have a study group, or are starting one, please apply for membership in this network.

Write to: [email protected]